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Dignitas has announced changes to their Counter-Strike division with Richard “⁠Xizt⁠” Landström and Christopher “⁠GeT_RiGhT⁠” Alesund being benched as the organization looks to improve upon recent results which they state “have not lived up to our fans’ expectations.”

The team is planning to announce decisions regarding the “direction” of their roster early next week.

The team didn’t have a lot of time to play on LAN prior to COVID-19 shutting down all events around the globe. This is the first change to the lineup since Dignitas announced their decision to pick up all five members of the legendary ex-Ninjas in Pyjamas lineup that hit a ridiculous 87-0 streak on top of winning a Major.

Robin “Fifflaren” Johansson didn’t return to the server as a player and serves as the coach. 20-year-old Håkon “⁠hallzerk⁠” Fjærli was brought in as the team’s fifth player. He had to miss a month due to visa issues which had the team bring in Ladislav “⁠GuardiaN⁠” Kovács. Since hallzerk’s return, things haven’t been going as hoped and the momentum the team had previous to his absence (qualifying for the Europe Minor) seemed to have dissipated.

Who do you think Dignitas should look to pick up?

Dignitas CS:GO division:

  • Patrik “⁠f0rest⁠” Lindberg
  • Adam “⁠friberg⁠” Friberg
  • Håkon “⁠hallzerk⁠” Fjærli
  • Robin “⁠Fifflaren⁠” Johansson (coach)
  • Richard “⁠Xizt⁠” Landström (benched)
  • Christopher “⁠GeT_RiGhT⁠” Alesund (benched)

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