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Today OpTic announced that cajunB will no longer be a part of the squad. Soon after cajunb also confirmed that his contract was set to expire soon and that he is going to become a free agent soon.

While OpTic itself was horrendous, CajunB was a consistent player during his time on the team. While he’s lost his status as a tier 1 player, he could still be a valuable contributor given his experience, consistency, and skill. The problem for CajunB though is that there are no good options for him right now.

While North is struggling, they were the ones that originally kicked him, so I doubt that they are looking to get him back. As for NA teams, the two likely choices were either Cloud9 or coL. Cloud9 just finished getting their fifth by picking up vice from Rogue. As for compLexity, I don’t see it happening given the conflict stanislaw and cajunB had during their time on OpTic. Fnatic could be an interesting choice, but the problem is the Swedes will never go international, so that’s out.

After going down the entire list, it’s clear that there aren’t any good choices. At the current moment, cajunB has two choices. He can either join a tier 3 Danish or mixed EU stack or he can join forces with Ex6TenZ/Scream and potentially try to get on the lineup that TSM is trying to create.

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