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VPEsports had the opportunity to interview Casper “cadiaN” Møller at DreamHack Atlanta prior to his team’s semifinals match against

Heroic had gone 2-0 to earn a direct berth to the semifinals where they are currently in-game against

The team’s latest addition discusses the performance, the Heroic roster changes, role swaps, and more in this exclusive interview.


VPEsports: You guys are considered the favorites alongside CR4ZY I think most would agree – but you had a close map earlier. How do you feel about the team’s performance?

cadiaN: Yeah, we’re probably the favorites with CR4ZY heading into the tournament and I’ll just say it directly; we’re here to get the trophy. Anything else but the trophy will be a disappointing result from us.

Regarding our first two group stage games, I don’t think we’ve been playing at 100%. I hope that this kind of comes with being the favorites, that you can walk past the group stage not being at 100% and then when the playoffs hit you really need to shine and be at 100%.

For sure there’s been some small mistakes made by us during the first two games, but nothing too serious I would say. We won the first game 16-6 and the second game we were leading 15-9.

VPEsports: The Heroic roster has kind of been all over the place in recent history. You had Snappi in and out, you had blameF in and out, Friberg, etc. Now you’ve come in as the last piece. Do you feel there still structural changes happening as you joined or you came in late enough to avoid that?

cadiaN: The team when they had everyone except me and blameF seemed like they were set on everything and that would be the future. I guess the sale of blameF came kind of unexpected. Complexity came in, wanted to buy him, and I’m assuming Heroic got an offer they couldn’t say no to and blameF was interested.

It was a big change for the other Heroic players because adding me meant that a lot of players had to change roles. es3tag had to stop AWPing and some of the roles that he wanted as a rifler b0rup now had, so b0rup had to give up some of his roles. There were a lot of role changes in the team. Which I guess doesn’t go hand-in-hand with how we’ve been performing at the early stage.

VPEsports: You’ve been on a couple of teams in the scene recently as well. What would you say are the big differences between Heroic now vs. let’s say North?

cadiaN: I think so far there’s better team synergy within the game. People react more to what’s being communicated and one of the differences is for me in particular. I was the in-game leader in my past teams, for four years or so, and this is the first time I’m not in-game leading.

This team is way younger, so people are listening a bit more to the vocal and experienced players in the team. I also feel there’s a lot of hunger in this team, which is something I really enjoy – having the mindset that losing isn’t good enough and that you want to keep on improving and looking at the small things.

VPEsports: Having had that experience as an in-game leader, do you give a lot of input?

cadiaN: It depends a bit from game to game. Some games Snappi will just be doing everything, other games he and LOMME might have prepared a game plan, and other games all three of us will be talking about everything.

Obviously having been in that role for so long, it’s hard not to be vocal, it’s hard not to share your opinion. Sometimes I need to remember that as well because there’s a new one in charge which is Snappi and he’s doing amazing. It’s difficult for sure, but obviously, I’m going to try to help the team in the best way possible. Sometimes that’s going to be very vocal and other times that’s going to be letting things go as they go.

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