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The anticipated split between Counter-Strike’s Astralis, League of Legends Origen, and RFRSH Entertainment will be completed next week according to a report from TV 2 Sport.

RFRSH revealed just weeks ago that RFRSH would be separating from its teams and turn all of their attention and resources towards their tournament series.

The organization had received plenty of poor feedback regarding their ownership of both a team and a tournament in which the team was a partner. Especially with their run of success at the first several events.

An email leaked by Dexerto alluded to ties between the team and RFRSH becoming strained due to the criticism from the media and community regarding their connection. While this doesn’t confirm a falling out, it certainly cements their separation as a whole.

Astralis will now be owned by “Astralis Group ApS” which is made up of Danish sports and business professionals will join Nikolaj Nyholm and Jakob Lund Kristensen as investors in the new company. This means Nyholm and Kristensen will no longer be tied to RFRSH.

The sale was said to be between 10-15 million euros (11.1-16.6 million dollars/75-112 million DKK).

Astralis will be looking to bounce back into the top spot at the StarLadder Major after being dethroned by Team Liquid as the best team in the world and falling to spot number three behind Vitality.

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