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Good guy s1mple?

During a recent broadcast to Twitch, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev was competing in a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matchmaking game on de_vertigo when he had to be the hero and deserve.

A player on his team had chosen to make his in-game name an inappropriate one, one that any decent person would find repulsive.

The player choosing to use the name “Kill All N*****s” utilized a misspelling in order to bypass Steam’s built-in filters.

Upon noticing, s1mple called out the player in question telling him he had a “bad nickname.” This didn’t sit well with the player who fired back defensively. The Natus Vincere star then took it past the nickname and called him a “bad person.”

Following this back-and-forth, another member of the team started a vote kick which would come out successful.

A player who had a troubled start at the top of CS:GO due to attitude and behavior issues, s1mple has shown just how far he’s come.

Being one of the most popular players in the scene and standing up against something such as this in front of is huge following is a great step in hopefully driving his fans to be “good humans” as he referred to his teammates following the kick.

So from us to you, be good humans.

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