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It has been a little over three months since Mouz have brought in Snax to the lineup in place of STYKO. Since then, they have been to six tournaments. These are the results:




ESL New York: 2-1 Fnatic, 2-1 Gambit, 2-0 NRG, 3-2 Liquid


Top 4:


DreamHack Stockholm: Wins: 1-0 Gambit, 2-0 HR, 2-1 FaZe. Losses: 0-2 MIBR, 1-2 North

ELeague Premier: Wins: 2-1 FaZe, 2-1 Fnatic Losses: 1-2 Na`Vi, 0-2 Astralis




ESL Cologne, Wins: 1-0 Gambit, Losses: 0-2 G2, 0-2 ENCE

FACEIT Major: Losses: NiP, MIBR, FaZe

Starladder i-League Season 6: Wins: Sprout, Cyberzen. Losses: ENCE, OpTic, BIG


Overall, they have 1 first, two top four finishes, and three times they were eliminated early from the competition. To break it down even further, their first place wasn’t impressive outside of their bo5 victory against Liquid. Their top four placings were fairly good with notable wins against FaZe in both runs. Two of their three losses have some caveats surrounding them. They were completely new at ESL Cologne. FACEIT Major was a bad loss, but they lost to three good teams. However the Starladder loss is the unforgivable and most revealing one. It is the latest tournament that this five man lineup has gone to and after three months of playing together, it’s time to take stock of what has happened so far.


I’d place the previous Mouz team somewhere between the top 4-6. It took awhile for the team to get off the ground when they formed in 2017, but by the end of that year, they were making finals. Going into 2018, they won some tournaments and made playoffs of every other tournament they were a part of.


Compared to this Mouz lineup, that team had a better floor and a better ceiling. Now part of that was because the top teams hadn’t quite solidified in the top echelon yet when Mouz was winning their titles, but overall I’d say that is the correct valuation based on what I’ve seen in the games.


Because of that I think Mouz need to go back to the STYKO lineup. While they did shell a lot of money to get Snax, continuing to use him is just throwing more investment into a lost cause. While Snax has had moments of being okay to good, the overall chemistry of the team is worse. If the results aren’t enough to convince you, then you also have to look at the raw potential of the individual squads.


The future of the Mouz lineup will depend on the core of these three players: ChrisJ, suNny, and ropz. ChrisJ will likely continue to be the in-game leader for this squad. Ropz and suNny are the two young stars who have potential to grow. You want ChrisJ to grow as a leader and the the two young stars to grow as individuals. Snax takes up more space than STYKO did so he can’t help suNny or ropz in that sense. He isn’t a stable enough teamplayer for him to form a long term partnership with ChrisJ as the supportive base of this team. STYKO can do both. While I’ve been burned before on reforming lineups that have already been played out, I think this is Mouz’s best move at the current time.

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