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The most interesting match of today was Liquid vs Mouz. Going into the match I thought that Liquid should have the edge considering the standin situation for Mouz as n0thing is playing instead of oskar. As the match played out though, Mouz were able to score a strangely convincing 2-0 victory against Liquid.


It was convincing in the round score and total score, but strange in that it just seemed like whenever the game went to a critical round Mouz won it. There individual players stepped up and won the clutches more often than not. I think the biggest factor was that Liquid never won a clean round and each time they won they were left with 1-2 people left alive which put them on reset potential, especially on their CT-sides.


As for tomorrow we have two rematches from the first day, SK vs. Space Soldiers and Liquid vs BIG. I still think SK are a better team than Space Soldiers despite their ongoing struggles and loss at the first match so I’m going with them. I also think that Liquid is more likely to defeat BIG as while BIG is a very coordinated team, they don’t have the firepower to match up with Liquid right now.

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