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Interviewer Taras Bortnik is in Kiev, Ukraine tracking down players and staff to give you the inside view and opinions of some of the best players, coaches, and staff members in CS:GO. Here he was with Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke just after OpTic’s win over mousesports.

You’ve just advanced to playoffs, what does this victory over mouz mean to you?
It really means a lot for us as a team and to me as player. We’ve been going downhill so far having played bad at the tournaments. Now we are playing more like what people expected and what we expected from ourselves. This is a very pivotal moment for us.

Now that you’re in the playoffs, what are your thoughts?
I hope that it will be better than all the others tournaments we have played. We got 3-1 which is very nice and we didn’t really expect anything else. I cannot say will we will be top-4 or to the finals, we are just looking for the next game right now.

Which opponent do you prefer to play in the quarterfinals?
It would be nice to meet North again, if it’s possible. Because we can actually show that we can win against them, just like Fragsters did. But it’s better to show in bo-3 instead of bo-1.

But your first game against North ended unfortunately for you. What are the reasons behind that? Because it was a really telling match up for sure.
I think we were under a lot of pressure because we wanted to win so bad. But I think it’s good for us, because we worked harder. I don’t fear all other teams individually.

Nuke is one of the strongest map of mousesports, so why did you chose it?
Casper(ruggah – coach of OpTic) and Snappi had a small talk yesterday and figured out we would probably end up on Nuke, so we were just preparing by watching demos and preparing individual.

Mouz still has a very high percentage for CT side on this map, but your T-side helped you to finish the first half pretty even. In your opinion, what rounds were decisive on that?
I think the key round was when we won the eco round, because after that we got money control. And then after that the other key round was when Marco won a 1v3 pistol round on the T-side. It gave us a lot of confidence.

In second half you had issues just like mousesports did. Why?
They smoked out the yard and you can’t see if they went to secret or the long way. They communicated a bit better and I think JUGi was off and didn’t communicate well so I had a really hard time deciding whether I stay up or go down and figuring out how many people are down there. That’s really hard for me because I can’t see what’s going on outside in yard, my teammates have to tell me ‘Kristian you have to go down’ or ‘Kristian you have to go up’. But yard was smoked all the time. We were really focused, but some our rotations we screwed up and it was really hard to play.

This tournament your first LAN event for your changed roster. You’ve just told that your communication was not on a level this game, so was it just once? Have you already found right chemistry in the team?
We have team chemistry. We have the right setups and I can say it about all the things in team. But before we came to the tournament we had a rough time. Practicing was rough, we didn’t get so many rounds in and so on. I just think that we are good as individuals players and that helps us a lot, but obviously need more time together as a team.

During a game against mouz I saw that in one of last rounds that Snappi was very angry and even hit the table fairly loud. When something like this happens, does it affect the team when you see that your IGL is frustrated?
Only if it happens more that one time. If he does it every round swearing and hitting table, punching monitors, it affects us. But this time we lost a round when we barely had enough time to defuse the bomb. In that case it doesn’t affect us. For me, I’m not really affected by other’s expressions, only if they are really aggressive inside of a game and telling me like ‘Christian you have to do this, shut up and do’ then I gonna be like ‘WTF, why are you talking to me like that?’

Let’s speak a bit about the roster reshuffle in your team. Why did you chose niko?
Because gade had returned back to North, he was on a loan for us. We wanted to buy him, we wanted him in the team, because he’s such a good teammate and player. So the solution was a niko. He was a free agent and then we had already Marco and JUGi who played with him before in Heroic. He is a good player and you could see it by yourself.

Was niko the only solution for you?
We were only looking for niko. We tried to get only him, because of roles within the team. There was nobody else to pick. We could pick someone from Fragsters maybe, but we didn’t know the guys so we didn’t even think about it.

On EU Minor you said ‘I know he[gade] can be one of the best Danish players’, now you say that you wanted him to stay with you. If he was so valuable, why didn’t Optic just buy out his contract?
North didn’t wanna sell him to us, because they  knew that he will change something in the team. We offered them a good price to buy him, but they said no to it, so we couldn’t do anything else than let him go. He was one of my best friends and teammates I ever had so it’s kind of said that he left, but despite that we weren’t playing that well so we just had to do something anyway.

From three Major’s Legends only BiG got a spot in playoff. What happened there do you think?
I don’t know to be honest. It’s hard to say something about it, because teams could be very different. You can see Astralis winning the Major and they still are number one. And I feel like Complexity and HR maybe they went to late vacation after the London’s event, or maybe they just have to practice more or on the contrary – less.

You mentioned Fragsters before and it reminded me about the danish derby between North and Fragsters. Did you expected such a result?
When they got like 7:2 I was thinking that Fragsters will win, but then North had a comeback and leveled the score to 12:12. But after all Fragsters made another comeback and that was it. It was a surprise to see them as winners but I know that Fragsters are a good team with a good players, so it’s still a surprise, but let’s be honest, North isn’t a best team in the world right now and they can lose to anyone.

Both scenes in France and Sweden are struggling to make good teams, but we definitely cannot say that about danish teams. What makes you so special?
I think that danish teams have really good bonds between each other–usually. Everyone likes each other and we keep picking up talent, we have academy teams and if we’ll find someone good, we would give him a chance, which is different from others nationalities as they are like ‘Oh, wait, this guy isn’t good enough’. We picked gade, because we knew he was talented. Niko came on Heroic because he was a talented, same for JUGi. We have a new players, all the time coming through. We give them chance that they deserve and if they aren’t good enough firstly, they are still keep a place in our procircle.

The new update. What do you think about that, how it will affect the pro scene?
I haven’t read the update much. I only saw they made some weapons cheaper and they changed TEC-9 and CZ. And that’s interesting, because I didn’t know about changing of CZ first. I was running in game with the CZ and tried to spray someone down with that and it didn’t hit shit. But for now it doesn’t affect my performance at all.

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