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‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

JDM’s contract with Liquid is up and he has tweeted out that he is now a free agent.

So the question now is where should he go and what are his options? Right now, NA looks like a dead end. Liquid is out for obvious reasons. Cloud 9 look to be eyeing NBK. After that you have coL, Rogue, Renegades and Ghost. All of whom already have AWPers. The only realistic option I see is if he teams up with FNS (but FNS would have to get out of the contract) and they make a new stack.

As for internationally, it’s a bit more complicated. He isn’t good enough to make the jump to the top international mixes, so I’d say the two best choices could be either Heroic or potentially an Asian team like what bondik did. While I think JDM is a good player, his timing into free agency is pretty bad. I suppose he has the option to wait until after the Major, but memory is a fickle thing. It’s been too long since we’ve seen him play and that could affect any bargaining power he has. I think he just needs to join a team soon and prove his skill again before he can make the jump to better teams.

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