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FaZe have run out of time and need to get a new fifth. While I respect the fact that they have waited for olofmeister this long, they no longer have the time. The Major is coming up in September and it takes around three months for a team to gel together so it is time to look for a new fifth.


When we look at the current market, the two most obvious replacements are the ex-G2 players, apEX and NBK. Both apEX and NBK are great players and both are seem to be willing to play in English speaking lineups. NBK makes more sense in that he can fit in the most seamlessly, though if FaZe want to add another aggressive look to their team they could go with apEX. Another potential option is going for kioShiMa as EnVyUs seems to be on the verge of collapsing. Either way, they need to make a move soon, hopefully soon after Belo Horizonte.

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