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FaZe have announced that Olofmeister is finally set to return to the FaZe lineup after an extended hiatus for personal reasons. This comes at a great time for the team as they badly needed to get a standing five man lineup together to peak for the upcoming Major. They now have some time to practice, get back in gear, and prepare to battle Na`Vi and Astralis for the top spots in CS:GO competition.

Even though this is the original lineup, there is a chance where the lineup could be better than it was before the standin situations. With olofmeister out of the lineup, it forced NiKo to become an even bigger force because of the lack of firepower and cohesion the problem created. With olofmeister coming back, hopefully that iteration of NiKo sticks around as they need him to be that good if they want to take out teams like Na`Vi and Astralis. As for Olofmeister’s return message:


This also created an interesting situation with Cromen as he is another great free agent to pick up for struggling teams and he doesn’t need a buyout. He might be the player a team like Cloud 9 is looking for (if he’s willing to move to NA).

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