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It’s playoff time! IEM Katowice has officially reached the playoffs with only eight teams left to battle it out for the coveted trophy.

Liquid and Spirit performed well enough throughout the group stage to earn their place in the semifinals while Natus Vincere, Gambit, Astralis, and will need to fight through the quarterfinals first.

Na’Vi will take on CIS region rivals Gambit while the Danes of Astralis will take on Spirit awaits the winner of Na’Vi vs. Gambit and Liquid will play the victor of Astralis and

Friday, February 26

09:00  Russia Natus Vincere vs. Russia Gambit
12:30  Denmark Astralis vs. CIS

Saturday, February 27

09:00  Russia Spirit vs. Russia Natus Vincere/Russia Gambit
12:30  United States Liquid vs. Denmark Astralis/CIS

Sunday, February 28

09:00  Grand final (BO5)

Want to know how we got to this point? Check out the schedule of results below:

Group A

Upper Bracket R1G2 Esports 1-2 Team Spirit3AM6AM11AM12PM
Upper Bracket R1Evil Geniuses 2-0 Gambit3AM6AM11AM12PM
Upper Bracket R1Astralis 2-0 mousesports6:30AM9:30AM2:30PM3:30AM
Upper Bracket R1Heroic 2-0 BIG6:30AM9:30AM2:30PM3:30AM

Group B

Upper Bracket R1Vitality 2 – 0 OG10AM1PM6PM7AM
Upper Bracket R1FaZe Clan 0 – 2 Team Liquid10AM1PM6PM7AM

Day 4 — February 19

Group B

Upper Bracket R1FURIA 2 – 0 NiP3AM6AM11AM12AM
Upper Bracket 0 – 2 NaVi3AM6AM11AM12AM

Group A

Upper Bracket R2Evil Geniuses 0 – 2 Astralis6:30AM9:30AM2:30PM3:30AM
Lower Bracket R1Gambit 2 – 0 mousesports6:30AM9:30AM2:30PM3:30AM
Upper Bracket R2Spirit 2-0 Heroic10AM1PM6PM7AM
Lower Bracket R1G2 2-0 BIG10AM1PM6PM7AM

Day 5 — February 20

Group A

Lower Bracket R2Gambit 2-1 Heroic6:30AM9:30AM2:30PM3:30AM
Lower Bracket R2Evil Geniuses 0-2 G210AM1PM6PM7AM

Group B

Lower Bracket R1OG 0-2 FaZe3AM6AM11AM12PM
Lower Bracket 2-0 NiP3AM6AM11AM12PM
Upper Bracket R2Liquid 2-1 Vitality6:30AM9:30AM2:30PM3:30AM
Upper Bracket R2FURIA 0-2 Na’Vi10AM1PM6PM7AM

Day 6 — February 21

Group A

Upper Bracket R3Astralis 0-2 Spirit6:30AM9:30AM2:30PM3:30AM
Lower Bracket R3Gambit 2-0 G26:30AM9:30AM2:30PM3:30AM

Group B

Lower Bracket 2-0 Vitality3AM6AM11AM12PM
Lower Bracket R2FaZe 1-2 FURIA3AM6AM11AM12PM
Upper Bracket R3Liquid 2-1 Na’Vi10AM1PM6PM7AM
Lower Bracket 2-0 FURIA10AM1PM6PM7AM

Photo: ESL

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