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Today Cloud9 announced that Golden will be returning to the squad as the in-game leader. At the same time, flusha has announced that his time with Cloud9 has come to an end. In a twitlonger, flusha explained that he has lost motivation and is exhausted from playing CS. This makes sense for a number of reasons. In game, he has always hated the leadership role. In terms of his personal life, flusha’s mother passed away when he was competing at the Major.

Overall, flusha put on a fantastic performance at the Major, but given everything that’s happened to him, it makes sense for him to take a break. As for Golden, he also put out a twitlonger explaining why he was away and how he’s realized he needed to take care of his body so that he could compete.

As for the Cloud9 team itself, this essentially means -Flusha +Golden. The team is still in need of a permanent fifth player. While Zellsis did fine for the team as a stand-in, he isn’t a good enough player for the levels that Cloud9 want to reach. In terms of playing style, this should also be a radical shift for the squad. Flusha played slow default heavy while Golden is far more fast paced.

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