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Long-time Counter-Strike professional Christopher “GeT_RighT” Alesund has come under fire after posing a photo in which he’s wearing a former sergeant major’s US Marine Corps uniform.

Being one of the most famous players in esports isn’t even enough to have you from hate, especially if many rightfully believe you’ve done wrong. National pride, especially in the military and their associated uniforms, emblems, etc are a hot topic in the United States and while many may not always agree politically, they typically agree impersonating a solider is not okay. This is NOT what GeT_RighT was doing of course, however, it garnered similar scrutiny. “You lost a long term fan, you didn’t earn that uniform,” one comment read.

The photo was shared to the Swedish players Instagram and Twitter account titled “captain.”

He has since apologized and explained his side and thoughts to many who commented. “It’s not about that brother, I got the chance to try it out and nothing more. You can hate me/feel like I’ve disrespected you after that and that wasn’t something I would never want to do,” he explained to one comment.

It wasn’t all negative though, as some knew that player meant no harm and simply enjoyed an opportunity to make a play on title and the storied players career.

While it isn’t the highlight of his career and has drawn some scrutiny, the player looks to be wading through the storm relatively well and should come out the other side just fine. We’re sure he’ll think about the repercussions that could come about before he posts another photo such as this one just to be safe.

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