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Today neL reported that a second French team is being created under NBK. This will mark the sixth season of my favorite tv show, the French CS:GO scene. There is no scene quite like it. Sure the Swedish Schism of 2016 was shocking and the anime life of the Brazilian’s rise to power is inspiring, but only the French scene can have the most bitter enemies turn allie and allies turn enemy on the flip of a dime.


For those counting, we are in season 6 in the Game of Baguettes. I will quickly summarize. At the beginning of CS:GO ex6TenZ was the main character and he eventually reunited with shox in order to challenge the NiP dynasty.


The end of season 1 ends with the French Revolution happened where NBK and shox decided to go their own way swearing to never play with Ex6TenZ again. In the meantime Ex6TenZ allied himself with apEX and kennyS. An up and coming character from season 1 named Happy was the last pick for EnVyUs and he’d eventually take control of the squad and lead the French to the second best team in the world (after Fnatic). At the same time KQLY ruined Titan from competing at DreamHack Winter and so LDLC win the Major.


Season 3 has Happy now completing his transformation to a tyrant and kicking out shox. Shox reunites with Ex6TenZ and they create the Shox/Ex6TenZ/ScreaM/SmithZz lineup that eventually became G2. The regime under Happy stagnated while Shox took over command from Ex6TenZ and led G2 into becoming the best French team in the world. At this moment NBK realizes that Happy’s time has run out. KennyS, apEX, and NBK realize that they will never play under Happy gain so long as he remains the same.


Season 4 has the creation of the French Superteam with Shox/NBK/apEX/kennyS/bodyy. It was meant to bring the world to heal, but they couldn’t find the consistency or style that they needed to be the world’s top team. Ex6TenZ meanwhile is slowly rebuilding himself as a player and leader. For a moment, RpK is set to join him, but makes a last minute switch to join Happy’s team that cracks Ex6TenZ’s composure as he gets emotional about the betrayal.


Season 5 is the kennyS decision. Shox once again tries a coup and in the face of this the team is split with two choices. Either a NBK/apEX/bodyy/KennyS/plus one lineup or a Shox/Ex6TenZ/SmithZz/kennys/plus one lineup. The G2 thunderdome is created, where G2 gives the first lineup time to prove itself, but if they don’t get the results it will be cut down in favor of Shox’s lineup. The final decision comes down to where kennyS wishes to go and he decides he wants to play under Ex6TenZ again.


Season 6 has the breakup of apEX and kennyS. It looked like the show was about to end, especially as one of the primary characters, NBK seemed to be out of options. He tried to get into the shox lineup, but that didn’t work. He tried to get into NA and that didn’t work. But I should have never doubted his persistence as he has rejoined with apEX. After weeks of both players talking about how they’d never play with Happy so long as he wasn’t a leader, they found themselves desperate enough to try it with Happy as just a player. The RpK and Happy combo join the team and now all past grievances at least for now have been forgotten. Finally they add the new French hope in Zywoo.


This is the best scene ever.

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