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The first day of ESL Cologne is over. There were a bunch of games played so I’ll just highlight the biggest moments. The most interesting run of the day was G2 as they beat Na`Vi and Mouz to get to the playoffs. They also had the best game of the day against Mouz.  Mouz was playing free as Snax just got into the roster so they were doing a bunch of aggressive individual players and improvising off of that. This in turn forced G2 to adapt to that pace. It ended with a lot of fun, fast plays, clever setups, and individual moves or rotations.


The biggest highlights for me is that the T-side of Mouz still needs Chrisj to either break open the sites or create enough space for the followup player to trade him. Oskar was surprisingly absent so it’s hard for me to say that this is a normal mouz performance. As for G2, their best player is kennyS. I think he’s been very good throughout the games I saw today. On top of that Smithzz is better than I remembered. I was expecting Zeus or Edward levels, but he’s a serviceable support player so that’s a nice gain for the team. Finally, I like the chemistry and teamplay I’ve seen so far. It’s a solid base and once the player’s individual performances bounce up and they start building their map pool, I think they should at least be a top 8 team in the world.


As for Astralis, they were as good as you’d expect them to be. They beat ENCE, then beat Cloud 9 2-0. The first map was a bit close, but they were able to grind out the T-rounds they needed after stacking up a gigantic Ct-side lead.


The biggest upset of the day goes to ENCE who smashed NiP 2-0. It’s hard for me to say how expected this should have been as I didn’t see them play yet (there were too many games going around). I will point out that gla1ve specifically said they’d do damage here after playing them in the first round and being impressed with them. As for NiP and Gambit, I have to re-evaluate them both. They are both worse than even my dismal expectations. It’s sad to see both in a state like this since both teams have players that can match the world’s best.

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