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ESL One: Belo Horizonte starts tomorrow and it is a bit of a free for all. With Astralis not attending that means the trophy is up for grabs. My pick to win the entire thing is Liquid. I think they are the second best team in the world (either them or Na`Vi) and they’ve shown me enough at ECS Season 5 Finals to make me believe that they can do it here. However even though I have picked Liquid as my favorite to win, they aren’t Astralis. They aren’t a presumptive favorite and this makes it possible for other teams to win.

The problem with the other teams though is inconsistency. FaZe still have a stand-in problem so they will have to rely on whatever make-shift system Karrigan whips up and their individual performances. Mouz have a similar problem in that oskar cannot attend the event and n0thing will stand in for the team. Finally, SK has shown improvement, but I can’t realistically pick them until FalleN becomes in-game leader again. Once he does that will signal to me that he has confidence in his skills as a player and a leader. At the same time that will free up Coldzera to be the superstar we know him to be.

Additionally, this should be a good test for Liquid. At Starladder i-League Season 5, they had a clear run to make it to the finals and lost in the quarters. This will be a similar scenario and it’s different playing as a favorite rather than an underdog so I’d like to see them build that up.

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