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Michael “shroud” Grzesiek has said the unthinkable as the former Counter-Strike professional stated he believes VALORANT could overtake CS:GO.

shroud was streaming the game during its closed beta access when a viewer asked him if he thought VALORANT would overtake CS to which he replied: “Erm, probably.”

It wasn’t as simple as that, however, and shroud explained that this was because he thought “its a much easier game to get into, much more pleasing to the eye, like a little bit more casual. Counter-Strike a little bit more hardcore – a little bit more.”

He did say that this could change “with the Source 2 stuff that they plan to do, maybe it’ll be insane, who knows,” in regards to rumors that a Source 2 update could be coming to the popular first-person shooter.

Valve has already released a string of updates since the start of VALORANT’s closed beta with the long-awaited SG553 nerf finally taking place alongside updates to Vertigo, Train, the bison, tec-9, and more.

“Valve is so smart, they only update and only do sh*t when they know they have to. For years and years and years, Counter-Strike was just smooth sailing,” shroud said. “Now that there’s competition they’re making updates. That’s good, that’s a good thing – we’ll see something new in Counter-Strike.”

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