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Photo: By Helena Kristiansson for ESL

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TyLoo debuted their lineup at the IEM Katowice Challengers Stage. On paper, the lineup was stacked with skilled players as it had: Summer, Somebody, Xccurate, BnTeT, and Attacker. One of the big questions for me was how this talent translated to their map pool. After four days of play, I have a better read on their general preferences.


Their permaban is Nuke. That makes complete sense since nuke is a communication heavy map and BnTeT has to lead using three different languages. Outside of that, they’ve only played three maps so far: Inferno, Mirage, Overpass, and Cache.


Between those three maps, Inferno seems to be their best map by far, Mirage is their second best map, and cache is a distant third. TyLoo have left Overpass and Train to the second phase of the map veto, but have yet to show their hand on either map.


In the map veto against AVANGAR, AVANGAR was nice enough to ban Nuke for them. In response TyLoo banned Dust2. I suspect this was because AVANGAR crushed the CIS Minor by playing on that map.


So my current estimation of TyLoo’s Map pool is as follows:

Best map: Inferno

2nd Best map: Mirage

Middling map: Cache

Can play if I have to maps: Overpass/Train

Permaban: Nuke

?????: Dust2


We don’t know who TyLoo is going to face in the fifth round. While this map pool could get eaten alive in the later stages of the tournament, it should be fine given the quality of opponents left in the Major. As that’s the case, I’m sticking with my prediction that TyLoo make it to the Legends Stage.

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