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A legend in the Counter-Strike scene, Kevin “Ex6TenZ” Droolans, has announced his retirement from professional play. Having competed in the top echelon of Counter-Strike scene since 2008, Ex6TenZ helped lead many top-level teams to success as a highly coveted in-game leader.

In retiring, the 29-year-old hopes to move into a coaching role which he believes to “be the next logical step for me because my vision was more and more global and not enough focused on myself.”

“I may no longer have the motivation to practice 10 hours per day individually in addition to the strategic work but I still love the game, the teamplay, the tactic, the job well done, the desire to get the best out of my players as a group and as individuals,” he explained. “I want to transmit these values and immerse myself more in the analysis, observation and the management of a group.”

The in-game leader attended eight Majors in CS:GO with his highest placing being a third place finish at his firth in the title at DreamHack Winter 2013. His last Major was with G2 Esports where the squad finished in the group stage of the FACEIT hosted event.

While Ex6TenZ has been out of the top level of Counter-Strike for a while now, he certainly made his mark during his time there and helped to guide many talents that are still playing to this day.

Ex6TenZ led teams such as VeryGames, Titan, G2, and Team LDLC throughout his long career. He most recently was marked as inactive for Team GamerLegion where he finished his career as a player.

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