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Today Dupreeh tweeted this:

I fully agree with Dupreeh’s sentiment here. In my personal view, esports has always been about competition regardless of what game or scene you’re from. A lot of people like to point out how big the scene had gotten, the fans, the community, and the money. All of that is important, but at the end of the day, that isn’t the origin of it all. The origin is when you gathered a bunch of players to see which among us was the best. It started at the local level, then the regional level, then the national level, and finally the international level.

So for instance, plenty of teams in the last two years have won far more prize money than NiP did in their initial run in CS:GO history, but almost none of them have a similar legacy despite making all of that money. None of them can say that they ruled the world, that they were the best at what they did for such a long period of time. Tournaments already add trophies, but they need to go a step deeper. Dupreeh wants medals for the players and coaches. As for me, I want something on the level of the Golden Mouse.

For those who don’t know, the Golden Mouse was awarded to Brood War players who were able to win three OSL titles. It is one of the ultimate achievements any player could have in the Brood War scene and marks that player as something special throughout the entirety of Brood War history. That symbol has a certain power to it, just as rings have in the NBA. Imagine for instance, if there was a bracelet that denoted eras in CS:GO. If a five man lineup dominatse the scene for an year, each individual player gets a bracelet marked with their ID and the year in which they were part of the best team in the world. The bracelet alone invokes a sense of awe, mystic, and wonder both to those in the scene and those outside of the scene.

We talk about narratives and the importance of narratives in esports tournaments and nothing drives home the power of a narrative than a symbol. Some kind of tangible unique emblem that shows the world that this particular player achieved the impossible.

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