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According to announcements from both tournament organizors, Vertigo will be played on LAN in a professional capacity soon.

BLAST has revealed that while their next event in Miami on April 12-13 will still utilize Cache, their following events will make the official swap. Madrid will be the first BLAST event in which teams will be able to play on the latest addition.

ESL has announced that the map will make its debut in their circuit as of May 13 and that “all qualifiers, events, matches after this date will be played on the new active mappool.”

Vertigo was officially announced as a competitive map replacement for Cache on March 28. It did not come into open and awaiting arms, however, as much of the community pleaded for it to be an early April fools joke.

This wasn’t the case however and Valve has already released an update targeting many issues that they have found or which were brought forth by the community. While there are still many who think there’s a longer road ahead, Valve is showing that they are open to making the map a better fit and hopefully quickly with these announcements.

We must remember that the community which often asks for “new” also hates being forced into change. Only time will be able to tell whether or not we look back on this with a positive or negative memory.

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