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ESL have announced their official rules ahead of the Intel Extreme Masters Beijing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament and it has left some players not too pleased.

ESL hosts multiple event series including ESL One and IEM all around the world. These events will now feature several rule changes published and made official as of November 4th, 2019.

Included in these changes is a self-elimination rule which states “A player is not allowed to intentionally cause self-elimination of their player character. This includes using the /kill command or using map features to deny kills to the opposing team.”

The easiest and most recent use of such a tactic to reference would be players choosing to eliminate themselves by jumping off the side of Vertigo. Vertigo is a map built within a not-yet-completed skyscraper leaving the walls off much of the building and giving players the chance to make a leap or a slip off the map.

For those wondering why a player would choose to do so, it’s an economical tactic for the most part. Players could choose to jump off the map rather than feed kills to a mac-10, for example, to prevent the player from farming the cash bonus. In addition, players may choose to jump off the map with an AWP or rifle if they are set to lose a round so that the weapon is not recoverable.

Many members of the community have already come out against the rule update stating that these decisions are a tactic in and of themselves and should be allowed.

Whether or not this will cause enough of an uproar to get the community to band together against the rule is unknown. Even then, there’s no guarantee ESL will elect to take back their rule change.

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