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The Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association has revealed changes to the upcoming summer and winter player breaks. This comes stems from talks between the CSPPA and major tournament organizers in the space.

The CSPPA says they’ve spoken with the players, Valve, ESL, Flashpoint, DreamHack, and StarLadder to come to this adjustment.

The new off-seasons will take place as follows:

  • Summer: July 6th to August 6th.
  • Winter: December 21st to January 17th.

This came following a “request by TO’s to move the player break.” The CSPPA board of players consulted with other representatives before agreeing to change the dates according to the tweet from the CSPPA’s official Twitter account.

For the summer break, the dates in question are closest to the BLAST Premier Spring Finals which are slotted for June 15th to 21st and ESL One Cologne which kicks off a few weeks after the newly proposed break on August 21 and runs until August 30th.

The winter break was adjusted to allow for those who celebrate Orthodox Christmas the opportunity to after complaints were made following last year’s player break.

Given the current global climate caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s possible this won’t be the last change to the schedule in terms of player breaks, event cancellations or postponements.

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