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Today Valve released a new CS:GO update which you should read here. There are a few good changes I like, one inconsequential one, and one I’m not sure what to make of.

The Good:

CZ75a reduced base damage from 33 to 31. This makes sure that the weapon no longer has single head shot  potential so you need a shot into the head and one into the body. Overall I think it’s a step in the right direction and certainly something to be looked at. For my money though, I think the gun being spray-able, having good distance, being cheap, and having high mobility all account for why it’s so prevalent. As I pointed out in a previous blog, my entire problem is that the skill floor was too low for this pistol. I don’t know if this necessarily raises it, but we can try it out and see if it needs mroe adjusting.

The other big change I thought was good was Mirage. There are quite a few changes here. The biggest being the removal of the skybox and improved visibility. I hope that is something they continue to do for all of the maps.

The Inconsquential:

The other gun change was the M4A1-S as they changed the reserve ammo from 40 to 60. I honestly don’t think this changes anything. Xyp9x, EliGE, and cadian pointed out. The problem with this gun is the rate of fire (and potentially the magazine amount), so adding the reserve ammo won’t see this be a good or distinctive choice most likely.

As for the final changes I’m indifferent. The mp7 price was reduced from 1700 to 1500 so more people are likely to play it. I don’t think it changes much in the game. As for Canals, I don’t care until it actually enters pro play.

Finally Michal Slowinski, the League Ops for ESL tweeted that they will bye using the old patch. I agree with the decision as all of the teams that went to that event practiced on the old one. While it would be cool to see new Mirage in action, people are already finding weird and new things on the map.

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