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The days following every CS:GO Major are filled with roster shuffle reports and rumors. VPEsports‘ shuffle mill will keep you updated on all confirmed and unconfirmed roster transfers, ordered chronologically.

Mar. 18

[REPORT] Cloud9 look to k0nfig & JUGi

Mar. 17

[CONFIRMED] HellRaisers pick up oskar & lmbt, deadfox benched
[CONFIRMED] Gambit release B1ad3, Bondik
[REPORT] kioShiMa to depart Cloud9

Mar. 14

[CONFIRMED] mousesports sign karrigan, woxic, frozen

Mar. 13

[REPORT] ENCE in talks with suNny

Mar. 11

[REPORT] Team Solomid look to sign ScreaM’s, Ex6TenZ’s line-up
[CONFIRMED] Heroic add Stavn on trial
[CONFIRMED] Ninjas in Pyjamas bring Draken to stand-in for Dennis

Mar. 9

[CONFIRMED] Panda Gaming sign CyberZen roster + ayaya

Mar. 7

[CONFIRMED] G2 Esports add Amanek, bench bodyy

Mar. 6

[CONFIRMED] MVP PK: part ways with Solo & Glow
Grayhound: sign Sico

Mar. 5

[REPORT] HellRaisers to bench Deadfox
[REPORT] Cloud9 looking at suNny to fill 5th
[REPORT] mouz targetting woxic, karrigan, frozen
[CONFIRMED] Grayhound: remove Sterling

Mar. 4

[CONFIRMED] Cloud9: end trial with Zellsis

Mar. 2

[CONFIRMED] Cloud9: sign Golden, remove Flusha

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