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What can only be considered one of the most successful showings from Complexity in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the new roster took down both Astralis and Vitality at BLAST Premier Spring Series 2020. Their 2-0 run secured the European and North American mix a spot in the BLAST Premier Spring finals.

When Complexity took the first map against Astralis most expected Astralis would be able to bounce back on their own map pick of Vertigo, a map they’d been known to beat the world’s best on. Complexity was holding a secret, however, as the team had been planning on meeting the Danish squad on this map for some time. Baiting Astralis into a trap, Complexity were able to defeat the Danes 2-0 in one of the biggest upsets in CS:GO history and move into the winners match against Vitality.

Vitality looked strong against Natus Vincere the day before and was most definitely going to come in taking Complexity seriously after witnessing things the day before. Vitality wouldn’t fall into a trap, however, and neither Dust2 nor Vertigo were set to be played. Taking on Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut and company on Mirage and Inferno, Complexity looked well prepared and mechanically sound.

You could tell the team was confident as they took fights and executed plays flawlessly en route to a 16-10 victory over Vitality on Mirage. Four of the five members of Complexity finished the map with a positive record before moving into Inferno where things only got worse for their French opponents.

Despite ZywOo finishing with a positive record (albeit only +1), Complexity took Inferno 16-5 in dominant fashion things to a massive performance from William “RUSH” Wierzba and Valentin “poizon” Vasilev.

Complexity will move directly into the BLAST Premier Spring Finals with their confidence high thanks to a spectacular performance in London.

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