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It’s no surprise that MIBR didn’t immediately start to dominate the scene when they reformed the LG/SK roster of old. Shoot, it’s even acceptable that the team wasn’t exactly a top contender right away. It’s been months now though and while there have been improvements, the team itself seems to not have the same synchronization that they were applauded for in the past.

In an interview with HLTV, Marcelo “coldzera” David himself stated, “We’re trying very hard, but the team just isn’t fitting very well.” The best Counter-Strike player of 2017, coldzera’s message is clear. Don’t doubt their effort and desire to win, but also understand there are struggles and they are taking longer to fix than anticipated.

He provides more detail on this in another part of the interview where he explains “Right now the problem inside the team is not about strategy, or about aim, the problem is that when we come to play, and we’ll do some aggressive setup, the players on the other side of the map don’t understand that they need to play safe, they’ll try to fight more and when they die we start to create a lot of gaps in the map, so we start to lose map control.”

This is what they’ve been so good at in the past, crunching at the right times with the right reaction and plays being made all across the map to make such strategies the most impactful they can be. “We have a lot of those situations and that’s the problem for us right now, it’s not that we play poorly because we don’t play anymore or that we’re not hungry to win, we’re trying to do everything and fix our mistakes, the problem is that we don’t fit together because people don’t understand when we need to fight together or when we need to play safe.”

While the bits about fitting together makes a fan weary and rightfully so, his reassurance that the team is trying everything to fix these issues should help put it a bit at ease. Knowing what the problem is can be half the battle, and now it’s just figuring out the best method to address it in the most efficient way.

Being one of the strengths that saw them become the best team in the world previously, it’s something this lineup desperately needs in order to reclaim some of their former glory. Plenty of teams have the aim and strategy, it’s how you execute and adjust that separates the consistent winners and the runner-ups.

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