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Cloud9 have theirs eyes set on acquiring Erick “⁠Xeppaa⁠” Bach as their sixth player. This information comes from a joint report by HLTV and Xeppaa is on the market after Chaos decided to release their Counter-Strike roster at the end of 2020 due to the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the reports, there’s no word on whether or not he will replace someone in the main lineup or be a backup player should something go wrong. Another option is similar to how Vitality has been utilizing their sixth player by swapping in Nabil “Nivera” Benrlitom on a map like Dust2. Henry “HenryG” Greer, General Manager of Cloud9 CSGO, has previously stated he didn’t plan to go that route however.

Xeppaa jumped into the top level of North American Counter-Strike when he was officially signed to Chaos in May 2020. The team had a strong run of performance to close out the year with a win at the IEM Beijing North American event where they took down Evil Geniuses in the semis alongside a win at DreamHack Masters Winter North America.

Although the lineup managed to qualify for FunSpark ULTI 2020, the lineup has seemingly broken apart with Anthony “⁠vanity⁠” Malaspina making the move to VALORANT and now Xeppaa potentially on the move to a new home.

Current Cloud9 CSGO lineup:

-Alex ‘ALEX‘ McMeekin
-Özgür ‘woxic‘ Eker
-Patrick ‘es3tag‘ Hansen
-Ricky ‘floppy‘ Kemery
-William ‘mezii‘ Merriman

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