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The draws have been made for the second day of the FACEIT Major London Legends Stage. The Swiss System has done some work and a bunch of tough matchups have been drawn. Among those, four have caught my eye as they are a contrast of styles.


BIG vs TyLoo


This is a battle of polar opposites. BIG rely on teamplay, structure, and double AWP setups to win their matches. TyLoo rely on their individual skill and relentless aggression to surprise their opponents. While I think the TyLoo side has better individual players, they’ve shown that they have a serious weakness against AWPs. This will be a battle of economy. If BIG get their economy rolling on their CT-side, they could get rolling before TyLoo get on theirs. Because of that I’m favoring BIG to win this one.


Vega vs Astralis


This is another interesting clash of styles. Vega play off of explosive individual skill and timed aggression that catches other teams off guard. It’s hard to read, but like the BIG vs TyLoo matchup, I favor the structured side here. Astralis are better across the board when it comes to tactics, team play, and individual skill. They also have a huge advantage in map pool.


NiP vs Liquid


NiP have been riding a high off of their individual skill (especially lekr0’s), and his style of leadership. It looks to follow the pronax brand of tactics where you give more space to the stars and make a mid-round read. It’s been effective on their particular set of maps, but I once again favor the structured side here. Liquid have better players and structure, so I think this will go to them.


Na`Vi vs FaZe


The final matchup I want to highlight is Na`Vi vs FaZe. They are two of the top teams in the world. Sadly, Na`Vi drew Astralis first round and FaZe let BIG get to Dust2 in the map veto for reasons I don’t know of. Whatever the case may be, this is a toss up. Na`Vi play a structured style that emphasizes the strengths of s1mple and electronic. FaZe play a loose style with some fundamental CS. Right now I’m favoring Na`Vi as I think the map veto in the FaZe vs BIG match was likely not a mistake, in that I’ve never seen Karrigan mess up a map veto or do one that doesn’t have much reason to it. Rather than that, I suspect that their map pool has gotten weaker and so when you get to the middle of both sides map pools, Na`Vi will likely have the edge.


Those are my four matchups to watch. On a side note, I wonder if G2 will actually let compLexity play Inferno tomorrow. I somehow doubt it.

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