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With the Champions stage of the StarLadder Major just days away, the certainty around Liquid’s chance to win is swaying quite a bit.

Is Liquid’s time on top over? We all know how important confidence and momentum can be and coming out of the player break it seemed Liquid was lacking a bit of both after their first few matches.

It’s no surprise to me that Liquid didn’t pop out of the player break in the same form they entered. The team had a lot of momentum going from event to event and the break certainly helped to stifle it a bit, much to the pleasure of their opponents.

In interviews with HLTV both Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski and Keith “NAF” Markovic admitted that the team was making quite a few uncharacteristic mistakes coming out of the break. On the bright side, however, they also stated many of them were the same mistakes and these few days off could allow them to adjust accordingly.

Another recent positive that may provide a jump start was the grueling match against mousesports which pushed Liquid to their limits and forced them to reach higher and further in order to walk away with the victory. I think that level of play and intensity will have helped to awaken the Liquid we saw prior to the player break.

If Liquid can hit that peak form, I think the Major is theirs to win given a still less than stellar looking Astralis, their history of being able to best ENCE with relative ease, Na’Vi haven’t shown much to hang their hat on, and I believe they have the better arsenal of players when put up against NRG.

Vitality at peak form look to be the toughest opponent given the ability of Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut to throw a wrench into things, but I’m still not under the impression they take down a well-oiled and functioning Team Liquid.

At this point, it’s in Liquids hands. If they can regain their composure and come in firing on all cylinders, it doesn’t look like any other team has managed to improve performance enough to beat the team was saw win six tier one events in a row.

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