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Yesterday, the devs of CS:GO released a new update for the game. This patch looks to bring very different changes to the game. You can read all of the updates here.


As for my thoughts, I think the AUG and SG553 are superior rifles to the m4/AK respectively if only because they aren’t much more expensive than their counterparts (50$ more) and they offer a scope. Dev1ce has pointed out on twitter that he will be switching to them permanently as their use falls more in line with his role as an AWP specialist:


I could be wrong as there are inherent biases in each individual’s play that cannot be changed. It is why you still see people like karrigan or f0rest use the silenced m4 over the other one because for whatever reason they are better with those. But for now, everyone should be switching over, if only because the price has made the more viable so everyone needs to know how they will work.


I’m still unclear how much the pistols changes will affect things, so I’ll have to see how they work. I will say that the fact that these two pistols have to be consistently changed/reworked tells me that the entire idea of the automatic pistol seems flawed in CS:GO as they are either too strong or too weak and don’t create legitimate alternatives.


The biggest change for me is the economy. Now teams will get more money after losing the initial pistol round. The reasoning according to the blog was to make pistol rounds less impactful. While I consider pistol rounds important, I don’t think they ever guaranteed the following rounds. Both Na`Vi and Astralis have made a fortune off of winning the second round after the pistol.


While people think teams will eco on the second round, I actually think they will force on the second even more than before. If you’re on the T-side, you’ve been given extra money so theoretically that makes it a higher chance to win the force round and break the CT-economy. Letting the CTs get an extra eco in where they can farm up the other team with a potential SMG is too dangerous, especially on maps where teams can dominate with a full buy, so it makes far more sense from my perspective to break them every time. As for the CT-side, it’s harder to say. I think because of how hard it is to keep a CT-side economy going, I think people will likely still gamble on the force buy on the second buy anyway. Though I could see some teams being willing to take on the eco if they can their star player is an AWPer.


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