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In the last 24 hours, Draken has accidentally started a rivalry with the CIS region in the FACEIT Major Legends Stage. After Fnatic drew Winstrike yesterday in the draw, he tweeted out,


It was a bold statement to make. Not because Fnatic weren’t the overwhelming favorites (they were), but because players and fans don’t like these blunt statements when a team isn’t that good.


For context, Winstrike have had no relevant results since the last Major at Boston. If we go through the entire Challengers/Legends stage, I don’t think there is a team that has objectively worse results.


During the broadcast today, Draken was interviewed by Pala after Fnatic beat Winstrike. You can watch the twitch clip. In it he says, “Winstrike they…I don’t want to say they’re bad, but I don’t think they should be here. They still can shoot you know.”


This was a short statement that people seemed to take wrong. The biggest examples were from bubble, gob b, and hooch:




I had a different idea of what draken was trying to say. It was more of a criticism of the actual CS:GO Major Format in how qualifiers and invites work within the system. The fact that he failed with NiP in the qualifiers doesn’t change the veracity of his statement. He later clarified this with a tweet later:


In that sense, I agree with him and would much rather see the DPC iteration of either last year or the modern year used in CS:GO. Regardless of what you think of Draken’s statements or your opinion on the CS:GO Major format system, I do think that Draken is actually making the game better by giving these somewhat incendiary statements.


Think about it this way, Fnatic vs Winstrike was one of the less interesting matches that had no hype around it. Fnatic are a strong team that have been slumping recently, but Winstrike have done nothing since the last Major. This is a match most people would have skipped. However after he said that, everyone was far more invested in watching that game and cheering for or against draken. Even now that Fnatic have beaten Winstrike, people like gob and Hooch want Vega to beat on Draken to get “revenge” in a sense. Getting people emotionally invested in the game is great for the entire community. Finally, Draken brings up a good point about the Major Format that has to be continually discussed because it isn’t a good system, or at least one that everyone agrees on like The International for Dota 2.

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