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After a season of matches, a group stage, and finally the semifinals, we’ve reached the ECS Season 8 grand final. Astralis and Liquid were certainly in the discussion of teams expected to make a finals appearance and the semifinals were seemingly what everyone wanted in terms of teams.

Astralis > EG:

Evil Geniuses took on Astralis in the first best-of-three series to decide who would take the stage on Sunday. The Danish side came out of the gates looking fiery hot before a late half comeback made it look more possible for the North Americans. That hope wouldn’t last long, however, as the Danes pushed forward to a 16-8 victory on Inferno once they made it to the CT side.

Nuke would be a much closer affair, coming down to the last few rounds. This time though it was Evil Geniuses who drove it home as they were able to capitalize on the six rounds they had gained on their T-side when swapping over to the favored CT-side to earn a 16-13 victory and force a third map.

The third looked like it would be another tight one as Astralis picked up the pistol but were broken in the following round which led to a 3-1 lead for EG. The latter part of the first half would be nearly all Astralis though as they walked away with a 10-5 lead. The second half momentum would remain in their favor as they gave up only one round on their way to closing it out 16-6 and taking the series 2-1.

Liquid > fnatic:

The match between Team Liquid and fnatic would be another three map series. The Swedes showed they are a team to be feared on Overpass with a 10-5 first half on the CT-side before giving up only one round as they attacked from the T-side to earn the 16-6 victory heading into map two.

The roles were reversed on Inferno as Liquid took the 10-5 lead from the CT-side before going on the same 6-1 streak from the T-side to close it out and move into the third and final map, Mirage. Keith “NAF” Markovic lit up the board on Inferno with 104.5 average damage per round.

Mirage would deliver as the closest map of the series, however, it still wasn’t too tightly contested after the first half. fnatic held the lead 8-7 moving into their T-side, but things didn’t go well for them upon the swap. The Swedish squad was only able to grab two more rounds as Liquid shut down their offensive time and time again to grab the 16-10 victory and a spot in the grand final against Astralis.

The two powerhouses will clash in a best-of-three at 4pm EST / 3pm CT to decide who will be crowned ECS Season 8 champions and take home a check for $225,000 dollars. The runner up will still walk away with a nice chunk of change at $100,000.

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