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The CS:GO scene may be gaining a new contender. Scooter Braun and Drake backed organization 100 Thieves is looking to make another attempt at jumping into the scene of the popular Valve first-person shooter.

The news come directly from 100 Thieves CEO Matt “Nadeshot” Haag during a recent VLOG released on July 18.

The former professional player put it simply and to the point when he looked at the camera and said “we’re getting a CS:GO team.” (3:55 timestamp)

There had been speculation of such a move as it was not unknown that 100 Thieves had been interested in the title in the past as they had an ill fated pick up of the former Immortals Brazilian roster. The organization struggled to get visas for the team prior to the ELEAGUE Boston Major which only further added to issues surrounding the team. After just weeks with the roster under their banner and no matches played, 100 Thieves and the team parted ways.

It’s not all that surprising that now is the time we get confirmation, however, as it was just revealed that the organization recently raised $35 million in Series B funding. This money would allow them to meet the tough CS:GO market head on in an attempt to grab a real contender in the space rather than just picking up what’s left.

100 Thieves currently competes in League of Legends, Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Apex Legends.

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