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Supposed to unfold last year in December, Summit 10 is finally confirmed to take place at the end of July 2019 with six teams in attendance and a thrilling caster line-up.

It became a tradition in the Dota 2 scene to have a Summit gathering at the end of the competitive season. For years Dota 2 pro teams had Beyond the Summit basically facilitating them a free bootcamp in North America ahead of The International. Although they never were a part of the Dota Pro Circuit, The Summit tournaments, especially those at the end of the season, were a true gift for the teams and the community and often featured some of the biggest names competing due to the perfect timing with the TI. TI9 however, will take place in China, and perhaps some of the 16 teams preparing for the big battle would rather bootcamp in Asia.

Summit 10 struggled to bring together several team since last year. BTS ran regional qualifiers back in October 2018 to find one SEA and one NA team for the tournament. Back then it was Forward Gaming and Fnatic that claimed a spot to the tournament, however, a few weeks later FWD withdrew to participate in another event. After several attempts of finding six teams to participate at the tournament, the studio decided to postpone the tournament.

“After many weeks of trying to make the event still possible, we have to announce that we are postponing Dota Summit 10. We ran into issues with confirming teams and uncertainty with securing visas for potential replacements. We want to run the best event, and we don’t think we can do that on this timeline. We’re going to postpone the event to make sure that when we do run it that it’s the best possible for the community,” wrote David “GoDz” Parker in TwitLonger post from December 2018.

Nearly seven months later, BTS is ready to introduce the first two teams “expected” to participate at Summit 10. Alliance, who are already qualified for The International 2019, and compLexity Gaming who are entering the NA qualifiers battle for TI9 in just a couple of days, have been the first announced by Beyond the Summit.

It’s unclear if the qualifiers (Kings Cup) winners from last year will still be taken into consideration or if they want to join the 10th edition of The Summit. But before more teams are officially confirmed for the tournament, the caster line-up is set in stone and as per usual, it’s bound to bring a lot of fun to the Beyond the Summit broadcast.

Summit 10 will unfold on the last week-end of the month, July 25 – 28, 2019 while The International 2019 is set to kick off on the 15th of August in Shanghai, China.

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