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A day after The International 2019 was over in Shanghai, China, compLexity Gaming announced the release of their entire Dota 2 team, including their long-time serving support, Zakari “Zfreek” Freedman.

For the past five years, Zfreek has been the constant in the coL house. compLexity is the first Dota 2 team that he joined when he transitioned from Heroes of Newerth along with his brother, Kyle Freedman back in 2014. He stayed with the squad even when Kyle got kicked and through his five years of service in the coL jacket, Zfreek became the pillar of the entire team. The last competitive season brought one disappointment after another for coL, who had to undergo multiple roster changes, deal with racist comments made by one of their starting roster players, visa issues and inability to constantly bootcamp in their region.

North American Dota2 fans couldn’t catch a break when it came down to unfortunate news coming from the coL house. Their last hope for a miraculous recovery was at the StarLadder ImbaTV last Minor in the 2018-2019 Dota Pro Circuit season, where compLexity was the only NA representative. Unfortunately, the trip to Kiev was plagued by delayed flights which had the team entering the tournament while still feeling the jet lag and the turmoil of a longer than anticipated trip.  

compLexity gaming didn’t give any hints for what plans they have for the new DPC season. The post TI9 shuffle is just starting and it’s expected to be one that will reshape the entire professional scene, so stay tuned!

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