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The International 2018 is taking place in Vancouver, Canada. The province in which Vancouver is located, British Columbia, today declared a state of emergency due to the numerous wildfires reported. The news was reported on and comes after a string of wildfires reported on the west coast of the United States due to dry and hot conditions. The website reported that 560 wildfires had been reported in just the province of British Columbia. The report also says evacuation orders have been issued to thousands of Canadian citizens.

According to the comments on the reddit post of the news, the situation seems quite sinister. Reddit user sharky_ had this to say: “I’m in northern BC and we haven’t seen the sun in the last week, it’s almost completely dark by 5pm and ash is falling from the sky covering everything.” Another redditor, Traendeth, agreed to this: I’m on Vancouver Island it’s lighter haze to darker haze then eternal night. I had to clean my sunglasses off like 6 times going to work today. I haven’t seen blue in the sky, the moon or the stars in almost a month. And the sun looks like someone backlit a sliced orange.”

The International 2018 has already started off with a lot of question marks as Valve faced technical issues on the first day of the group stages with streams going down and casters not being heard on streams. If the situation with wildfires worsens, there is a possibility of it affecting not just TI 8, but all the fans that will be reaching Vancouver to cheer for their favorite team.

VPesports sympathizes with the people affected by the situation and all of us here hope that the situation gets better over the coming days.


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