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Rastakhan’s Rumble will be Hearthstone’s last expansion for 2019, the Year of the Raven, Blizzard officially announced during the Blizzcon opening ceremony.

Yet, for all the secrecy Blizzard love to keep, Rastakhan’s Rumble was actually leaked just hours before Blizzcon began. An article from PC Gamer, since deleted but quickly archived on reddit, preemptively confirmed that Hearthstone’s new set of cards will indeed revolve around King Rastakhan, ruler of the Zandalari Empire of the Trolls.

What do we know so far about the expansion, in short, from leaks and official announcements:

  • Cards: 135
  • Release date: December 4
  • New keyword: Overkill
  • New minion type cycle: Spirits
  • New legendary minion cycle: Loas

The new keyword, Overkill, triggers when you deal more damage than the target’s health. The spirits are a new minion cycle of rare cards, who share a few things in common. They are all 0/3 minions who have stealth for a turn and then do something, naturally. The Loas, on the other hand, are massive legendary gods, who attune to the philosophy of the heroes that play it. The Paladin Loa, Shirvallah, for example, is a 25-mana minion, that gets cheaper as you play spells.

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