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The Hearthstone Global Games (HGG) — the national Hearthstone championship that has been ongoing since July — crowned its second champion Saturday. In a one-sided final, China took down Brazil 3-0, inheriting the trophy from inaugural champions Czech Republic.

The Chinese quartet finished sixth in the preliminary Swiss round, but since then the nation has been unstoppable. Up until they emerged as champions, China never dropped a single series, ending HGG on a 6-0 series record and and 18-6 in games.

As is Chinese Hearthstone tradition, the eventual champions surprised the viewers with some unusual deck choices. This time around, the gem in their line-up was a peculiar Quest Mage deck, which trumped Brazil’s Quest Warrior with a fiery finish of endless Fireballs. The other two games were way more ordinary. The opening Hunter mirror swung back and forth as the two teams played almost identical turns, before China’s board control took over a massive tempo advantage. In game 3, a timely Turn 2 Prince Keleseth draw into Turn 4 Saronite Chain Gang on China’s Zoo Warlock eliminated all chances for a quick win for Brazil’s Murloc Mage.

This HGG victory is the second major championship China has won today. Earlier this Saturday, Invictus Gaming won the 2018 League of Legends World Championship with another 3-0 grand final march. China will also play the Overwatch World Cup Finals against Korea later this evening, and the possibility of a championship hat trick for the eastern nation is very real.


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