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If the auto chess (or autobattler if you prefer) genre was not saturated enough, Tencent has now also entered the fight. The company announced Tuesday that they’re “just days away” from releasing their own title, Chess Rush, on mobile, iOS and Android included.

Chess Rush thus joins Dota Underlords (Valve), Teamfight Tactics (Riot Games), and Auto Chess (Drodo Studio) in the already saturated autobattler market. The news also comes mere hours after Tencent was confirmed as the co-published for Drodo Auto Chess in China.

If you think that’s strange, it really isn’t, not for Tencent at least. Chinese tech giants are known for their multi-title strategies, where they would develop a number of similar products, have them battle out on the market and see which one prevails. The winner then gets the full support.

It is unlikely, however, that Chess Rush will gather any popularity outside China. The western market has already flocked to either TFT (for the most part) or Dota Underlords and if there would be a third player, it will likely be Drodo’s own Auto Chess, which is set to come on Epic Games Store later this summer.

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