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Team Liquid become the first major esports organization to officially sign a professional Auto Chess division. The two founding members of Liquid Auto Chess will be George “Hyped” Maganzini and Erik “Tabzz” van Helvert — both of whom are esports players with long careers.

Tabzz made his name in League of Legends and although he started as a mid-laner, he later went on to play as AD Carry for multiple high profile teams in Europe, including Alliance (later Elements), Lemondogs, ROCCAT, and Origen. Tabzz has several high-profile placement in LoL, including back-to-back EU LCS grand finals (one gold).

Hyped, on the other hand, has been with Team Liquid for some time now. The former Overwatch and Hearthstone pro was brought on to represent Liquid in Artifact and in the game’s short lifespan he became its highest earning player with more than $11,000 of winnings to his name.

“It just feels appropriate for us to also identify players who we can assist in their aspirations of competing at the highest levels,” Liquid CEO Steve Arhancet wrote. “We understand that there’s of course RNG in Auto Chess but we feel this is at levels that don’t break one’s ability to compete.

“Lastly, we’ve seen support for the competitive ecosystem. There’s matchmaking, tournaments, leagues and the developer has even been promoting these events in the loading screen — which I take as a direct indication that they support the growth of the competitive ecosystem.”

There’s certainly a lot of esports potential in Auto Chess for Team Liquid to explore. The Dota 2 mod just hit 8M subscribers and Drodo Studios has also launched a mobile client of the game, expanding Auto Chess’ player reach. Being a community-driven project with huge popularity, the grassroots esports scene is very likely to develop into a proper circuit with time.

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