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Valve is making a PC version of the mod created in their Steam Workshop, Riot Games announced a version of their own to be released in a beta phase later this month, the original mod creators, Drodo Studio, launched their own mobile version in partnership with Dragonest for both iOS and Android and now they announced a PC version to come later this year in the Epic Games Store.

The announcement was made during a PC Gaming Show at E3  by Loren Lee, Dragonest founder and CEO.

Reservation for a key of Drodo’s very own PC version can already be done on, the same way the game fans could do it earlier this year for the mobile version.

With Dota Auto Chess and Drodo Studio we witnessed a new genre taking birth. For now, it’s called “Autobattler,” but professional players who’ve been streaming and already competing in the Dota Auto Chess arcade mode are already proposing a name change.

Call it Autobattler, or Multiplayer Automatic Chess Arena, the gaming communities are happy to embrace the newest genre created by mods. Auto Chess is another testimony that mods are the most important part for the gaming industry. Dota 2 and MOBA games started from a mod created inside another game, Counterstrike round base FPS genre took birth the same way, the Battle Royal genre was the hottest invention until now. 2019 is the year of Auto Chess and the Autobattlers!

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