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Dota 2 Auto Chess developer, Drodostudio announced Monday, April 15, the start of the Alpha testing for the mobile version of the game. The mobile standalone title is made with a Chinese mobile games developer and has no support from Valve, therefore as previously reported, the chess pieces, the items and a few other features have been redesigned and renamed.

Dota 2 Chinese host Zhang “BBC” Hongsheng was one of the first to stream his first sessions of Auto Chess mobile and show the fans the first images of the game. BBC went live on in the evening in China and has tried a couple of games. Here are some of the most important findings about Auto Chess mobile.

The starting game menu features an inbox for messages – probably received from other Auto Chess players, a leaderboard, an inventory where supposedly your courier skins will be stored, a shop where you can buy couriers with candies, a wiki button and another one for announcements/updates.

The in-game interface is not very different from the one players are used with on the PC version. There are, however, a few additions.Players health bar and icons are placed on the left hand side. Each player starts with 100 hit points. A player can also toggle in and out bars with various information such as current synergies on his board and chess pieces DPS breakdown.

Synergies bar

DPS bar

Courier inventory

Chess piece’s inventory

Item upgrade info

The Alpha Keys for Auto Chess mobile were sent today by Drodostudio via SMS to a few people, but It is unclear how many of them. There is also uncertain when the game will enter the beta stage and it will be actually officially launched. Those who want to reserve themselves a key for the public release can do so at

On April 15 there were a bit over 870,000 keys reserved. Auto Chess mobile will be available for IOS and Android devices.

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