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Dota Underlords, Valve’s newest title hasn’t exit the open beta stage yet, so it doesn’t feature a tournament platform and it has no clear indication if it could turn into a successful esports game. But, for WePlay! these are just small details for others to figure out.

Earlier this month the Ukrainian tournament organizer announced a $15,000 open tournament for Dota Underlords where card game professionals and renowned streamers had no privilege. Everyone was invited to register and play for a shot at reaching the main event.

An impressive number of 5082 participants fought from July 24 to July 28 in two separate competitions, Europe and Americas. At the end of the long open qualifiers run, the top eight players from each of these two regions clinched a spot into the main event which will be held August 1-4 and will be fully broadcast on the WePlay! channel. The final 16 from Europe and America’s qualifiers are split into two groups of eight as follows: Europe: The Vicious Order and America: The Crimson Gang.

WePlay! Dota Underlords groups

WePlay! Were impressed by the huge wave of participants and the incredible amount of positive feedback from the ever-growing Dota Underlords community and to thank everyone for their time through the past week, they decided to add a bit more to the prize pool and spread it among the final 8, not the final 4 as it was initially announced.
The new prize pool fort the WePlay! Dota Underlords Open tournament is $16,750 spread as follows:

1st Place – $8000
2nd Place – $4000
3rd Place – $2000
4th Place – $1000
5th Place – $750
6th Place – $500
7th Place – $250
8th Place – $250

Underlords Open casters

The main event kicks off on the 1st of August with the European group starting at 5:00 CEST/6:00 PST followed by the NA group scheduled to begin at 20:00 CEST/11:00 PST. Shannon “SUNSfan” Scotten, Joel Larsson, David “ImpetuousPanda” Nolskog, Sean “swim” Huguenard and Robert “RobAJG” Gonzales will be present in the WePlay! studio to take us through all the main event action!

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