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The Dota 2 mod version of Auto Chess has hit yet another subscriber milestone, as its getting closer to the eight figures. On Apr. 28, the subscriber count hit 8 million and at time of the article had more than 176,000 concurrent players.

It has been now four months of steady growth for Auto Chess, though the subscriber number increase has been slowing down — a natural after-effect, given that diminishing returns tend to kick-off at some point once a game reaches a critical mass. In comparison, Auto Chess took 24 days total to go from 4M to 6M, but whole to go from 7M to 8M:

— 4M to 5M: 11 days
— 5M to 6M: 13 days
— 6M to 7M: 19 days
— 7M to 8M: 28 days

This is almost a calm before the storm situation, however. Recent leaks have revealed a heap of changes to come to Auto Chess at some point in the future, including ranked seasons and new chess pieces like Dazzle and Io. At the same time, Auto Chess developer Drodo Studios has launched the Auto Chess Mobile app, which will also add millions more to the game’s player pool, especially coming from Drodo’s native China.

Whatever direction Auto Chess takes from this point on, the mod (and mobile app) will remain as one of the biggest gaming phenomenons of 2019 and its continued growth is only good news for the fans.

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