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Auto Chess is a Dota 2-based mod and as such has carried over some of Dota 2’s best (or worst?) proclivities — that some interactions do not always work as one might think. Some items stack, others don’t, and some hero abilities behave in a strange way to the point they can hit units you’d never guess possible.

Welcome to “10 things you may not know about Auto Chess”.


Mask of Madness grants its owner Berserk buff, provides attack speed, life steal and self-silence. The effect of Mask of Madness can be dispelled by strong dispells such as Abaddon’s Aphotic Shield, meaning if your Abaddon casts Aphotic Shield on your Sniper who is equipped with MoM, Sniper will no longer have the bonus attack speed and, of course, no longer be silenced.

Blink Dagger can be equipped during the action period and the equipped hero will blink right away.

Blight Stone and Robe of the Magi can only be triggered through auto attacks.

Refresher Orb can not refresh another Refresher Orb.

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Bonus mana gained by dealing damage coming from different sources adds up. However, mana gained by dealing damage coming from the same source does not add up:

  • Crown + Void Stone: 150% mana gained by dealing damage
  • 2x Crowns: 50% mana gained by dealing damage


2-star Necrophos’ Death Pulse deals 150 damage and 175 heal.

Shadow Fiend’s Requiem of Souls will hit units in the adjacent board if you put him on the right/left end of your board.

Here is how Doom’s ult works:

  • 30% chance to Doom a random unit
  • 70% chance to Doom the unit with the highest level.
  • If there are multiple units that at the same level, the unit which was put on board last gets Doomed.
  • Units with no active ability (Luna, Troll, etc.) will be less prioritized.

Tusk’s Walrus Punch! cannot be evaded.

Death Prophet’s Exorcism damage cannot be evaded.

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