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Sascha "Yiska" Heinisch

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  • Kodak: "Pursuing a career in Overwatch is a really huge risk at the moment"

    Steven "Kodak" Rosenberger is the first German national to make it into Overwatch League. Ineligible last season, the young player

    #ChokingHard - Houston Outlaws' game 5 blockage

    Perhaps the writing had been on the wall all along. In last years pre-season, Houston Outlaws faced off against state

    Why Jayne is right & EU might be the best region

    As the storm broke over Jayne’s comments regarding London Spitfire’s and Philadelphia Fusion’s GOATs play, viewers of Contenders--and especially those

    At the scrimbucks stock exchange - Rumours from OWL

    Welcome to the OWL scrimbucks stock exchange, where the currency is as valuable as a coin from a Russian cryptocurrency

    How Boston Uprising smashes in economic roster building

    Boston Uprising is the team with the most sophisticated grasp of making money in the transfer market. At least in

    Chasing Jjonak -The most promising Flex support rookies

    A rookie without any significant competitive history enters the Overwatch League. He’s only known for his streams of high-level Ana

    XL2 Academy - a narrative breaks loose

    On January 12th, three players of the former XL2 Academy roster, Cloneman16, Mangachu and Goliath, announced that they had been