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Sascha "Yiska" Heinisch

Sascha "Yiska" Heinisch

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The meta is a gamble - Why don't you play the odds?

With the next stage of the Overwatch League being played on patch 1.34 that is currently deployed on live servers,

To a real one - Thank you, Dafran

As the Atlanta Reign announced today, Dafran will not be returning to the roster again for stage 2. Already before

The meta after GOATS - Experts speculate

The new season is live and the PTR patch has been deployed to live servers. With it come significant balance

Sources: Seoul Dynasty intended to coin flip for their seed

According to sources, Seoul Dynasty intended to decide their tiebreaker match against the San Francisco Shock by a coin toss.

Are we about to enter the golden age of Overwatch?

Many esports have come and gone and those who have lived through the experience will be able to name a

Los Angeles Valiant and head coach Moon part ways

The Los Angeles Valiant have announced the departure of head coach Byung-

Framing the future - 12 guiding questions for OWL

With the limited amount of games we’ve seen so far in this season, we find ourselves unable to reasonably argue

moth: "This meta, mechanical skill with Lucio is extremely important"

Grant "moth" Espe was brought on to the San Francisco Shock last season and quickly moved into a starting spot.

Sideshow: "There was promising progress on my visa within the last week"

Josh "Sideshow" Wilkinson is the syrup drinking, not even blinking and thinking ,

A period of parity - OWL teams at eye level explained

One of the leading topics in Overwatch League season 2 has been the perceived parity of teams. Many pundits will

Is GOATS really dead on PTR?

A new patch has hit PTR servers and another one has been announced on the PTR forums already. On top

Overwatch League issues statement regarding Fusions incident

The Overwatch League has responded to the incident regarding a ruling that had kept Cameron "Fusions" Bosworth from playing against