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How to take part in esports competitions and avoid harm to the college study process

Lately, colleges have taken esports more seriously and developed unique college esports programs. Every year, collegiate esports competitions bring together

2021 Six Mexico Major kicked off last Sunday

Released by Ubisoft way back in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege continues to attract millions of players around the

Top Six Canadian eSports Players

Some of the world’s best eSports players hail from Canada. But who are the best? Here is a look at

The Difference Between Cheating In ESports VS. Traditional Sports

Surprising Areas In OppositionFirst and foremost, electronic sports— ”esports”--is a totally different medium than traditional athletic events. Anyone with free

Esports Is Proven to Help Students Achieve Better Academic Performance

People of all ages have been falling in love with video games since the 80s. At that time, they were

7 Best Games to Make Money as a Pro Gamer in 2021

Last year, prize pools for many eSports games shot down by as much as 69% as the world fought the

The best ways to sell your CS:GO skins for cash

CS:GO skins are a real, profitable, large market. Although reliable data regarding its cash flow is difficult to obtain, in

The only Elder Scrolls Online class guide you'll need in 2021

We get it: you're a new, ambitious gamer, who are excited about all the stuff The

Why poker’s emergence as a major esport is imminent

When we think of the biggest esports games today, poker and sports games hardly come to mind. Indeed, per GamesRadar the biggest

Reviewing the best esports developers in 2021

Esports has steadily grown into a multibillion industry. This year, the industry is projected to generate more than $1 billion

Successful WoW Raid For Newbies. How Not To Screw Up And Complete The Task

Today we’re bringing you a list of nine tips to help anyone starting out with raids become successful and avoid

What's it Like Working for a Sports Betting Operator?

The gaming sector has grown exponentially, and more significant expansion is expected as we move into the future.