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  • StarLadder CS:GO Major tickets go on sale, schedule adjusted

    StarLadder has officially opened sales for tickets to their upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major. The event will take place at

    LEAKED: Fortnite skins & more from v9.10

    A new patch means new leaks and several data miners did not miss a beat. @HYPEX and

    Fortnite v9.10 unleashes Jumpman event, weapon changes & more

    Epic Games has released its latest large update to Fortnite alongside the debut of the Jordan crossover. The event will allow

    New CS:GO update targets Vertigo's A bombsite and Danger Zone

    Valve has introduced a new update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The May 21 update focuses on Danger Zone and the

    DreamHack reveal $100,000 all-women Showdown

    DreamHack has announced the DreamHack Showdown, a $100,000 women only event. Taking place at DreamHack Valencia, the eight team event will

    CS:GO map Cache rework nearing completion

    Shortly after its removal from the competitive map pool, it seems Cache is under renovation. The map which was created

    CS:GO - prize pools then and now

    Photo: ESEA We've come so far. While esports in general has grown, it's important to note by just how much. The

    CS:GO smoke & molotov exploit discovered

    There's always the possibility a bug or glitch has slipped through the developer's fingers and it appears that's been the

    Streamers can make $50,000 per hour for sponsored streams according to report

    Photo: timthetatman Twitter While we previously covered EA paying Tyler "Ninja" Blevins $1 million, a new report has come out showcasing

    horvy hits free agency, open to "any region"

    Photo: DreamHack João "horvy" Horvath is officially back on the market and in search of a new team. The Brazilian player

    Major Apex Legends update coming next week

    Respawn Entertainment has revealed a major update hitting Apex Legends next week. With updates not coming too often in comparison to

    fer & other pros trash talk vertigo

    Photo: Joe Brady/ECS With Vertigo having been introduced into the competitive map pool march on March 13, we're starting to get